The sleep in the word
The main uses
For meat
For milk
For wool
Suffolk (U.K.)
Corriedale (New Zealand)
Southdown (U.K.)
For fur
This kind of sheep is overflowing
with present Japan.
the constitution in which it is easy
to grow fat.
Seemingly, this sheep called
Japanese Corriedale which was also
in 1 million once was supporting
itself in its own wool dress.
It's natural.
" The king of mutton (lamb)"
It is short in stature, and grows
fat and, moreover, is delicious.
The plump figure. It is the best
for huton mattress.
( ) The inner name of a country is
the place of origin.
Merino (Spain)
Cheviot (U.K.)
Manx loaghtan (U.K.)
Blackface (U.K.)
The graduate of a mountain.
Although it is not visible so,
it is white and is thin.
In Spain, it is often said that it is
used for bullfighting.
Since it grew up muscularly,
jailbreak etc. is a speciality.
On the other hand, it also has the
whole surface with it called
child-rearing superior.
This sheep which was the Viking.
Fearful horns is also one of the
makeup of a Viking.
First of all, this sheep began horns
decoration of the Viking.
This splendid figure !
This noble sheep representing U.K.
mainly goes to sleep on a carpet.
It's impudent and hard character.
Romanovski (Russia)
Limcoln (U.K.)
Friesian milk sheep (Netherlands)
Although it's small, it's a very strong .
It can breed all the year round.
Triplets are not new, either.
If Mr.Romanovski hears it,
what do you think ?
From generation to generation,
hair is long, curls and is glossy.
So was the first President.
There is the taste of a carp in the milk
of the sheep rather than that of a cow.
In Europe, the cheese of the sheep
is eaten preference at the time
when a fish cannot be caught.

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